By Pat May     
A Custom clothier

Pinnacle Clothiers

Do the clothes make the man?  Pat May, founder of Pinnacle Clothiers, a custom mens clothing service based in Dallas, Texas specializes in assisting clients create a professional confident image.  He believes clothing only enhances the confidence already embodied in the client.

Graduating from Baylor University in 1985, Pat began refining his expertise; creating the "look of success" one client at a time.  Almost 30 years later, Pat still delivers fine custom mens apparel one customer at a time. Pat is honored to provide extraordinary white glove service and superior products.  No request is too small or too complicated for Pinnacle Clothiers.  Pat's primary asset remains excellence in customer service.  Once Pat actually flew to Chicago to hand deliver and fit a suit for a client in need.

As a contributor to his family, church, and community, Pat spends his spare time working to promote spiritual and educational health.  His passion for the Lord and service creates the dynamics that perpetuate the success of his business.  With great endurance, Pat strives for a long life spent loving the Lord, his family, and that ever evasive "perfect" golf game.